First 5 AmeriCorps paints a local preschool

First 5 AmeriCorps members create a mural at Westminster Preschool in South Ontario, California.

Wesley Lopez (not pictured), Liliana Perez, Leticia Rivera, and Alex Ruiz make their mark with preschool students at a County of San Bernardino Preschool location. The First 5 San Bernardino AmeriCorps team created a mural with preschoolers and teachers hands on a playground wall that surrounds the children’s play area and a new garden that AmeriCorps also installed on the campus.

See the photos to walk through a day of painting and gardening at the campus with AmeriCorps and Westminster preschoolers.


AmeriCorps acknowledged in National Service Recognition Day

San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors adopted a proclamation in honor of National Service Recognition Day on March 22, 2016. This recognition takes part of an observance for local officials to celebrate AmeriCorps volunteer service as a cost-effective and impactful program that addresses local challenges and improves quality of life for communities across the nation.

First 5 AmeriCorps staff serve as school readiness coaches at local school sites in San Bernardino County, helping preschoolers stay engaged with their classes and early learning exercises. School readiness coaches help children learn the alphabet, lead reading and literacy activities and assist First 5 San Bernardino in community engagement events.

First 5 San Bernardino stands with local officials in recognition of our AmeriCorps staff members: Alex Ruiz, Leticia Rivera, Liliana Ferrer and Wesley Lopez.


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