AmeriCorps Service Week 2019

The annual AmeriCorps Service Week this year for PATH and First 5 Service Corps members was timed perfectly to coincide with efforts on behalf of agencies and nonprofits focused on giving back to the community during the Easter Holiday Season as well as Child Abuse Prevention Month. With the foundation of the project laid out with the intent of “Nurturing our Nurturers” in San Bernardino County, our AmeriCorps member Michelle Koperski organized a week-long project assisting Community Action Partnership in their efforts of supplying families and individuals in need specifically for the Easter Holiday Weekend.

The first half of the week consisted of assisting employees working at the food bank warehouse for Community Action Partnership which accepts large donations of food, other essential basic living items, and even toys and furniture which are then regularly dispersed among nonprofits and agencies all across San Bernardino County as a means of assistance in fighting poverty in our communities. Agencies and nonprofits requesting items are sent pallets of food or whatever it is they are requesting to ensure that the communities they serve are provided with a nourishing amount of these necessities. AmeriCorps members from PATH and First 5 Service Corps programs assisted in building these pallets with a combined effort from AmeriCorps members from Youth Action Project who helped multiply the output of food to locations across the county assisting those in need over the Easter Holiday.

For the latter part of the Service Week, the AmeriCorps members were able to receive a large donation of hygiene products and other essentials from Community Action Partnership which were then organized, packaged, and sent as a donation to families housed by Option House Inc. and the Time For Change Foundation which are both organizations in San Bernardino, CA that help disenfranchised individuals and families rebuild their lives from whatever difficulties they have previously experienced. AmeriCorps Service Week 2019 has displayed the First 5 AmeriCorps Team’s ability to collaborate effectively with other agencies and lead an organized effort in serving the people of their communities. We hope that more opportunities will present themselves in the future that will allow our AmeriCorps members to serve their communities in an impactful way that will encourage more collaboration with other AmeriCorps members across the county as well as creating opportunities to serve alongside individuals that live within all communities to help create a united effort to make San Bernardino County a place that is nurtured proudly by its residents.



Reading Across America @ Levi Dickey Elementary

Members of the PATH and First 5 Service Corps programs were able to participate alongside other working professionals on March 5th, 2019 in the Reading Across America event held at Levi Dickey Elementary School in Ontario, CA. AmeriCorps members and employees of the Ontario Fire and Police Departments shared their joy of reading with the children of the school spanning every grade from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. The event was held in remembrance of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday as well as a continuing effort to cultivate an enjoyment of and interest in reading in the minds of all students who were in attendance.

AmeriCorps Holiday Season 2018 Service

Aside from the daily duties of the AmeriCorps PATH and First 5 Service Corps members, service hours were contributed toward productive community engagement during one of the most important times of the year, the holiday season! Our members were able to assist with the amazing efforts of local nonprofits to bring necessities and joy to members of the community spanning from Thanksgiving up until Christmas Eve. Families were provided meals, toys, educational materials, and other resources to ensure that this holiday season was a positive experience for everyone. Our AmeriCorps members were able to serve alongside Young Visionaries, Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino, Family & Kids Foundation, Reach Out, First 5 San Bernardino, and even other AmeriCorps members within San Bernardino County as a means of engaging the community and providing the joy of the holiday season to the residents of San Bernardino County.

Reach Out’s Nurturing Parenting Spooktakular Halloween! 10/27/2018

Members of the PATH and First 5 Service Corps AmeriCorps programs were able to serve in community engagement at Reach Out’s Nurturing Parenting Spooktakular Halloween Event on Saturday, October 27, 2018. The event was provided as a means for the many families who were presently participating and had graduated from the Nurturing Parenting Program to bond with their children by playing games, dressing up, and having a meal together. Each family also received pumpkins to take home and carve at the end of the event.  All children dressed up and many parents did as well, which made for an excellent costume contest that was judged by AmeriCorps members who also assisted in every aspect of the event.

AmeriCorps at Alliance for Education’s 5th Annual Reading Rally

Members of the AmeriCorps PATH and First 5 Service Corps attended the Fifth Annual Reading Rally which took place on Cal State San Bernardino’s Campus in the the College of Education on Friday, September 7th 2018. The event, which was sponsored by the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Office, brought in nearly 1,2000 Kindergarten through Third Graders from schools all over San Bernardino County. AmeriCorps members assisted at each of First 5 San Bernardino’s three stations promoting the purpose of the event, which was the benefits and joy of reading. All children were provided with free books and schools supplies, had newer stories from Lee the Bee read to them, and even had the chance to meet some recognizable characters.

First 5 AmeriCorps at Twentynine Palms Back to School Bash

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Members of the AmeriCorps PATH program assisted First 5 San Bernardino in community engagement and outreach on August 10, 2018 in Twentynine Palms, CA for the Back To School Bash hosted by MCCS and The School Liaison Program. The event was held as a means to welcome the new school year for all military families living on the marine base which is at the center of Twentynine Palms.

The event provided the children of these families with books, backpacks, writing supplies, as well as other necessities provided from other organizations such as Feed the Children and many other San Bernardino County organizations and nonprofits. Aside from the excitement of preparing for the new school year, the children were treated to a massive play area filled with jumpers and games, all involving water, the have some fun and beat the summer heat.

Now Accepting Applications for AmeriCorps School Readiness Coaches!

Deadline for application is Monday, July 16, 2018

First 5 San Bernardino is now accepting applications for AmeriCorps Coaches! Coaches receive a monthly living allowance and other benefits while helping children in preschool classrooms and assisting with other early childhood development and outreach opportunities.

Download the application below.  Applications are due Monday, July 16, 2018 by 4:00 p.m. Share with someone who may be interested! This position is great for college students studying related fields!

Not ready to apply, but you’re interested in serving? We are accepting interest for future openings as well at the First 5 AmeriCorps website.

Download Application (PDF)

Download Instructions for Applying Online (PDF)