AmeriCorps Service Week 2021: Day 4

Happy 4th day of AmeriCorps Week! With the partnership of Mary’s Mercy Center, today’s event focused on food insecurity in San Bernardino. This organization is not only a shelter for the houseless community, but they provide hot cooked meals, showers, clothes, and bathrooms for other individuals experiencing houselessness. AmeriCorps team members Jessica Pinto, Tania Linares, and Saryna Lopez helped contribute to the preparation, making, and passing out of the “lunch bags.” Each lunch bag consisted of a water bottle, fruit, main food entree, salad, vegetables, bread, and dessert. Beginning at 8am, the AmeriCorps team started helping cook the main entrees- which ranged from pizza, potatoes/egg scramble, salad. Once the food was finished cooking, we then helped package them individually in foil wrap. After all the food was prepared and packaged, then an assembly line was formed to place each item in each lunch bag. In total over 100 lunch bags were contributed. At around 11:30am, we went downstairs to begin the process of handing out the lunch bags to the public. Individuals were given a space to eat their food at outside if they chose to, or they could take their food to go. They were also allowed to receive multiple lunch bags, allowing them to save food for tomorrow because the center is closed on Fridays. Today’s day of service was very rewarding, and we enjoyed giving back to those in need!

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