AmeriCorps Service Week 2021: Day 3

Happy 3rd day of AmeriCorps Week! For today’s event, AmeriCorps team members Saryna Lopez, Jessica Pinto, and Tania Linares volunteered at Music Changing Lives in San Bernardino. This organization held a food drive event for the community, and the First 5 Service Corps members contributed to the preparation and facilitation of this event. Beginning at 6am, the AmeriCorps team started separating ripe from rotten food items on pallets, and transferring them to bags for each car/family. Once the drive thru event began at 8am, an assembly line commenced with each car stopping at each station to receive a bag of food. 1 bag of each food was given per family, but if a car was responsible for multiple families, then multiple bags were given. Each family received milk, celery, asparagus, jicama, tomatillos, broccoli, grapes, cauliflower, squash, and a safety sanitation care package. In total, the event allowed the distribution of over 20,000 pounds of food! Today’s day of service allowed the AmeriCorps team to partner with Music Changing Lives, focusing on food insecurity in the community and giving food staples to those in need free of cost. 

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