AmeriCorps Service Week 2021: Day 2

Happy 2nd day of AmeriCorps Week! First 5 Service Corps members Tania Linares, Saryna Lopez, and Jessica Pinto volunteered at Lutheran Mission Church. This social services organization is dedicated to reintegrating individuals experiencing houselessness into the community through job readiness trainings, financial literacy, mock interviews, and more. The AmeriCorps team focused on reorganizing the clothes closet that the Lutheran Mission Church has available for their homeless shelter. The team went through over 400 clothing items, placing them in order according to their size. In addition to this process, clothing donations were separated from those that the church could salvage with those that were non-salvageable. Today’s day of service allowed the AmeriCorps team to partner with the Lutheran Mission Church, ultimately allowing their members to have access to an orderly fashioned and functioning clothes closet. 

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