AmeriCorps Service Week 2021: Day 1

AmeriCorps Service Week has begun! First 5 Service Corps San Bernardino has chosen to dedicate this week of service to the “Week of the Young.” For the first day of AmeriCorps week, AmeriCorps members volunteered at Arrowhead United Way, in preparation for the mobile food pantry & food distribution event this Friday. Jessica Pinto, Tania Linares, and Saryna Lopez packaged hand sanitizers, masks, and resource flyers into ziploc bags for the community. Over 120 sanitation kits with these materials were prepared! In addition, the AmeriCorps team created posters, engaging the public through words such as “Welcome” to “Sanitation Kits Available Here.” Today’s day of service allowed the AmeriCorps team to partner with Arrowhead United Way, joining forces to have a greater impact in the preparation and facilitation of the upcoming event.

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