Response to COVID-19: Crisistextline

There has been a surge of mental health awareness from the pandemic creating quarantine regulations and social distancing measures. People’s routines, schedules, expectations, habits, accustomed ways of living were abruptly changed without any cause of warning or permission- which understandably creates anxiety. In response to these events, First 5 Service Corps member, Saryna Lopez, has taken the initiative by volunteering for This organization offers mental health support through a virtual format, allowing individuals that are going through any sort of crisis to receive assistance from a certified crisis counselor. Saryna volunteers on a weekly basis, with services ranging from providing a listening ear for those who just need to vent, to providing referrals to texters that are in need of more long-term support. While help may look different for every texter, the goal of interactions is to help the texter help themselves. 

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