Response to COVID-19: Arrowhead United Way

First 5 Service Corps members, Jessica Pinto and Tania Linares, have responded to the need for community service during COVID-19 by volunteering at Arrowhead United Way. Through their work at this non-profit organization, Jessica and Tania have been tasked with the separation, organization, and distribution of clothes. Following social distancing guidelines and mask requirements, our team members go through boxes and boxes of clothes and identify which clothes go into certain categories- based on age, size, gender, and items. Through the facilitation of this process, it creates a solid system that Arrowhead United Way can then use to provide clothes in a timely and effective manner. They have been able to donate boxes of clothes to churches, shelters, and Goodwills around the local area of San Bernardino. We applaud Jessica and Tania for their hard work- constantly showing up on a monthly basis to support the need for clothing during a pandemic.

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