Distance Learning

Teaching during a pandemic has challenged the First 5 San Bernardino Service Corps team in new ways. Through this virtual format, our team has had to think outside of the box and brainstorm new ways to engage our students. While there are undoubtedly obstacles that have come our way through distance learning, being able to be a constant support for our students has made the biggest difference for them! We have seen a new side to our students that we have not previously seen when working at the site- being able to interact via zoom has allowed us to get more personal and intimate by seeing the home environment. Our students are able to show us their family, where they live, and what their home looks like. It is safe to say that zoom brings a new, unprecedented aspect into teaching that we never expected- and that is being able to see our students in their environment. Seeing a student in their environment not only creates a better connection, but it allows them to take center stage and show us, the teachers, what being in their wold is like. For many of our students, that means showing us their pets, stuffed animals, and favorite toys. Our students have made great adjustments and adaptations to distance learning! While we acknowledge that there is no substitute for in-person instruction, these new times have given us a new glimpse into our students’ life that we have not seen before.

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